Monsieur Rouge

Petite brasserie at Spaarne river


Coffee and breakfast

Coffee from Bocca Amsterdam and a nice breakfast to start your day. You can order a fresh orange juice, yogurt with red fruit and homemade granola, organic sourdough bread,  a croissant or pain au chocolat fresh out of the oven.


Take for example a Croq Monsieur Rouge or Madame with a fried egg on top, a toast Tuna Melt, eggs sunny side up or an omelette. Hereby we serve delicious wines. White: Viognier, Picpoul, Chardonnay. Red: Syrah, Merlot or a Pinot Noir.



Monsieur Rouge serves breakfast, lunch and dinner! 

(see photo's for our menu)

In addition to the main courses on the menu, Monsieur Rouge has a changing main course every week/every two weeks.

Our suggestion du chef!

So if you come to dine at Rouge more often, there is always a new dish to taste.

And our bites are perfect to share with each other during a drink.

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About Monsieur Rouge


Monsieur Rouge, a petite brasserie at one of the most beautiful spots in Haarlem city center. Located at Spaarne river. 

Monsieur Rouge is small and intimate. We are One of a Kind. No nonsense and very much oriented on our customers. Monsieur Rouge stands for quality. Both in the service as in our products.

There is a relaxed atmosphere, accessible to everyone. And with distinctive style. The decor is contemporary, warm, with a touch of chic. As the name suggests, you can see that french influences are reflected in the interior, in the drinks, our breakfast, lunch and dinner. We have an open bar. Come and sit in the kitchen at Monsieur Rouge and enjoy a drink, small bite or meal. When you celebrate a party at home, it is always the nicest with the people standing in the kitchen, is our opinion.

Our terrace at the waterline offers a great view at Spaarne river. In the summer you can sit in the sun and watch the boats go by. In wintertime you can sit on the benches under our heaters and a blanket.

Our French bulldog Sjef is the most perfect host!

Bocca coffee

When founder Menno Simons was traveling in Ethiopia twenty years ago (where he was then still trading in organic sesame seeds), during a walk he came across coffee plants full of ripe red berries. A plan was born ... On the spot he decided to bring this treasure to the Netherlands. He al so wanted to help the farmers with organic labels, and help them to be rewarded for there hard honest work and al so became good friends with them. 

Once back in Amsterdam, he locked himself up in his garage with a small PROBAT burner and started experimenting with his load of Ethiopian coffee beans.

Stella Artois DRAFT 

At Stella Artois, they are extremely proud of their Belgian roots. The story can be found on every bottle of Stella Artois. If you look carefully on the bottle, some elements of the origin are mentioned with pride.

They find the origin of their brewing traditions back in 1366 in Leuven, where the original Den Hoorn brewery was founded. Den Hoorn, a world-renowned brewing institution, laid the foundation for the quality, taste and standard for which Stella Artois is known today. In honor of this, the emblem symbolizes the Den Hoorn brewery.

Stella Artois was awarded for best international lager in 2019.

Joie de bière!

Appeltaart Imperium

De lekkerste ambachtelijke appeltaarten van ’t land, komen van het Appeltaart Imperium. Per week bakken ze 100 taarten. 

De lekkere appeltaarten worden met liefde en trots gebakken. Het Appeltaart Imperium is een sociale firma met een degelijke werkwijze en een rustige sfeer. Van de taartbodem, de suiker, de appels en rozijntjes tot aan de slagroom op de top; alle ingrediënten worden met zorg gekozen én bereid. 

Een team van deelnemers/cliënten wordt er door een aantal vakbegeleiders ondersteund bij het bakken van de ambachtelijke appeltaarten en in het (weer) leren functioneren in een professionele werkomgeving.

Bovendien… ruikt het er altijd heerlijk!


Contact with MRouge

Call: 023 2028551


Instagram: monsieur.rouge


Visit us: Spaarne 44, Haarlem